COLL: 21-24/02/2024: Kala pani Crossings #3: « Across the Oceans: Post-Indentureship Trans-Oceanic Transformations », Institut français de Pondichéry

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer de l’organisation d’un colloque international à Pondicherry, en partenariat avec VALE:

Kala pani Crossings #3: « Across the Oceans: Post-Indentureship Trans-Oceanic Transformations »

Institut Français de Pondichéry / French Institute of Pondicherry

in partnership with
EMMA, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, France
DIRE, Université de La Réunion, France
IHRIM, ENS de Lyon, France
VALE, Sorbonne University, France
Alliance française, Puducherry
Consulat général de France, Puducherry

February 21-24, 2024


 Day 0: Wednesday, February 21

19.00: Cocktail and dinner at the French Consulate on the invitation of Madame Lise Talbot-Barré, Consule Générale de Pondichéry, 2, Marine Street, White Town, Puducherry

Day 1: Thursday, February 22

 Time Sessions
9.30-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.15 Welcome Address by Dr Blandine Ripert, Director of the IFP

Introductory Remarks by Prof Judith Misrahi-Barak and Prof Alexis Tadié

10.15-11.30 Panel 1: Problematizing the Archive in Kala Pani Historiography

Chair: Judith Misrahi-Barak

10.15-10.35: Nandini DHAR, “‘Please do not sign this piece of Paper’: The Spectre of the Contract, Questions of Choice and Questions of Archive in Debarati Mukhopadhyay’s Narach”
10.35-10.55: Apala KUNDU, “Through Diasporic Eyes: ‘Home’ and/in the Archive”
10.55-11.15: Gabrielle Jamela HOSEIN, “The Botanical Afterlife of Indenture: Mehndi as Imaginative Archive”
11.15-11.30: discussion

11.30-12.00: Tea Break
12.00-13.00 Keynote 1: Mohamed Shafeeq KARINKURAYIL, “Grounds of Laughter: the Performative Imperative in Circular Migration”

Chair: Vanessa Guignery

13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.00 Panel 2: Kala Pani in the Gulf

Chair: Alexis Tadié

14.00-14.20: Jaine CHEMMACHERY, “Temporary People by Deepak Unnikrishnan: Archiving the Lives of Malayali Workers in the Gulf”
14.20-14.40: Praveen MIRDHA, “Dialectics and Differentials of Transoceanic Labour Migration from the Indian Subcontinent in the Contexts of Indentured Travails and Gulf Migration”
14.40-15.00: discussion

15.00-15.15: Tea Break
15.15-16.30 Panel 3: Kala Pani through Art and Food

Chair: Shalini Puri

15.15-15.35: Tessa ALEXANDER, “Reconnecting Through Visual Art, In Search of My Foremothers”

15.35-15.55: Siba BARKATAKI, “From Alimentary Subjugation to Culinary Cosmopolitanism: Tracing the Journey of the Old Indian Diaspora through its Story of Nourishment”
15.55-16.15: Antara CHATTERJEE, “The Journey of the Dal Puri across the Oceans: Diaspora, History and Culinary Memory in Richard Fung’s Dal Puri Diaspora

16.15-16.30: discussion

16.30-18.30: Break
18.30-22.00 Cocktail and Conference dinner on the terrace of the IFP


Day 2: Friday, February 23

Time Sessions
10.00-11.15 Panel 4: Transoceanic Archipelagic Connections and the Memory of Indentureship: the Case of Le Trait-d’Union

Chair: Jenni Balasubramanian

 10.00-10.20: Ananya KABIR, “Kala Pani Crossings through the lens of Le Trait d’union: An Argument for Creolised Archipelagic Memory”

10.20-10.40: Sandrine SOUKAI, “Charting Transatlantic Connections of Indentureship from Pondicherry to the French Caribbean through the Indian Ocean”

10.40-11.00: Luca RAIMONDI, “Post-indentureship ‘indianocéanisme’ through the pages of Le Trait-d’union
11.00-11.15: discussion

11.15-11.45: Tea Break
11.45-12.45 Keynote 2: Peggy Mohan, “Jahajins: When Women Migrate”

Chair: Ritu Tyagi

12.45-13.45: Lunch
13.45-15.00 Panel 5: Caste, Gender and Sexuality across the Kala Pani

Chair: Senthil Babu

13.45-14.05: Dickens LEONARD, “The Coolie Heritage: Tamil Diaspora, Cultural Expressions, and the Question of Caste”

14.05-14.25: Atreyee PHUKAN, “(Re)Centering a Kala Pani Poetics”

14.25-14.45: Sahithya VENKATESAN, “Beyond Kalapani: Indentured Labor, Plantation Mobilities and the Emergence of Radical Movements in the Eastern Cauvery Delta”
14.45-15.00: discussion

15.00-15.15: Tea Break
15.15-16.30 Panel 6: The Fictions of Kala Pani

Chair: Himadri Lahiri

15.15-15.35: Swagata BHATTACHARYA, “Daughters of Twilight: The Inheritance of Indentureship in South African Women’s Writing”

15.35-15.55: Kavya E M, “The Diasporic Fantasy: Demythifying the Ideal through Contemporary Malayalam Novels”

15.55-16.15: Amit RANJAN, NCERT and Kanika BHALLA, “Dat Rain No Wash No Pain: Archiving Despondency in No Pain Like This Body
16.15-16-30: discussion

17.30-20.00 Screenings followed by discussions at the Alliance française

Discussants: Annu Jalais and Judith Misrahi-Barak

Joy Banerjee: Histoires d’engagisme 

Stephanos Stephanides & Constantinos S. Constantinou: Remembering Mariamman: the Remaking of ‘Hail Mother Kali’

58, Suffren Street, White Town, Puducherry

20.30 Optional Dinner at The Spot (registration needed)

Day 3: Saturday, February 24

Time Sessions
10.00-11.15 Panel 7: The Bhojpuri Connection across the Kala Pani

Chair: H Kalpana

10.00-10.20: Ruchika RAI, “Bidesia and Batohia: Story of Indentured Ship, Migration and Distorted Identities through Bhojpuri Folksongs”
10.20-10.40: Sarmistha MONDAL, Bankura University, “Travelling Subject, Migrating Language: Bhojpuri in the Caribbean Islands in Peggy Mohan’s Jahajin
10.40-11.00: Ridhima TEWARI, “Liminality, Transformation and Restored Masculinity: Examining the Bidesiya’s Negotiations of the Arab World in Contemporary Bhojpuri Cinema”
11.00-11.15: discussion

11.15-11.45: Tea Break
11.45-12.45 Keynote 3: Thania Petersen, “DHIKR: An Act of Remembrance”

Chair: Judith Misrahi-Barak

12.45-13.45: Lunch
13.45-15.00 Panel 8: Kala Pani and the Experience of Migration

Chair: Corinne Duboin

13.45-14.05: Pierre-Yves TROUILLET, “What Remains of Kālāpāni? The Hindu Migratory Taboo as Experienced by the Migrant Priests of the Tamil Diaspora Temples”
14.05-14.25: Valentine LEROUGE, “Transcontinental Nationalism in the Novels of Anita Rau Badami”
14.25-14.45: Arnab Kumar SINHA, “Migration from India to Burma and Return: Contextualising Dwelling and Hospitality in Eugene Lawrence’s The Lacquered Curtain of Burma
14.45-15.05: discussion

15.05-15.20: Tea Break
15.20-16.30 Panel 9: Home and Belonging

Chair: Vanessa Guignery

15.20-15.40: Natacha LASORAK, “Drifting and Belonging in The Sly Company of People Who Care (2011), by Rahul Bhattacharya”

15.40-16.00: Gargi DUTTA, “Spatial and Emotional Dimensions of ‘Home’ in Maniam’s Between Lives and Preeta Samarasan’s Evening is the Whole Day

16.00-16.20: Cédric COURTOIS, “‘Kalapani […] / means to mislay / your name, means orphaning, / means taking the name / Coolie’: Rajiv Mohabir’s Cutlish (2021) and Antiman: A Hybrid Memoir (2021)”
16.20-16.30: discussion

16.30-17.00 Book launch of the Kala Pani 2023 volume: Kala Pani Crossings, Gender and Diaspora

Chair: Ananya Jahanara Kabir

With co-editors H Kalpana, Judith Misrahi-Barak, Ritu Tyagi, as well as contributors Joshil K. Abraham, Jenni Balasubramanian, Gargi Dutta, Himadri Lahiri, Praveen Mirdha, Peggy Mohan, Arnab Kumar Sinha, Vijaya Rao, Stephanos Stephanides, Ridhima Tewari.

  17.00: END