COLL international: 13-14/10/2022, « Sports and Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century », Salle des Actes, Sorbonne.

Veuillez trouver ci-joint le programme du colloque sur « Sports and Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century » qui se tiendra à la Sorbonne le 13 et le 14 octobre (Salle des Actes).

Au plaisir de vous y retrouver.

Bien cordialement,

Caroline Bertonèche (ILCE A 4) et Alexis Tadié (Modernités 16-18, VALE)

Sports and Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century

Conference program

13-14 October 2022

Sorbonne Université, Salle des Actes

13 October

9:45: Welcome and opening remarks


Simon BAINBRIDGE (Lancaster University)

‘A group… of apparently aerial beings’: Sociability on the British Summit in the Long Eighteenth Century

Coffee break

11:30: First session: Outdoors, Sociability and Individuality

CHAIR: Kimberley PAGE-JONES (Université de Bretagne Occidentale)


Meiko O’HALLORAN (Newcastle University)

Scaling Ben Nevis: Keats Among the Clouds


Claire WROBEL (Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas)

Between Solitude and Sociability : Mountaineering in Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest (1791)

12.30-13.00: Discussion


13.00: Lunch 


14:00: Second session: Building Sociability through Sports

CHAIR: Marc PORÉE (École normale supérieure-PSL)


Benjamin JACKSON (University of Birmingham)

‘The Gentleman Sportsman’: Blood Sports, Sociability, and Materiality in Eighteenth-Century England


Valérie CAPDEVILLE (Université Sorbonne-Paris-Nord)

Sports and Outdoor Recreation in Early American Clubs: Horse-Racing, Angling and Fox-Hunting Practices in Colonial Maryland and Pennsylvania


Alexis TADIÉ (Sorbonne Université)

Of Rivers and Swimming in the Long Eighteenth Century

15:30-16:30: Discussion

19.30: Conference Dinner 


 14 October

9:30: Third session: Animality, Violence, and the Social Worlds of Sports

CHAIR: Marion AMBLARD (Université Grenoble Alpes)


Pierre CARBONI (Université de Nantes)

‘This falsely cheerful, barbarous game of death’: Thomson and Hunting


Mike HUGGINS (University of Cumbria)

Changing Attitudes to the Non-Human Animal World : the Case of Cock-Fighting

Coffee break


Kimberley PAGE-JONES (Université de Bretagne Occidentale) & Pierre LABRUNE (VALE)

Boxing and the Fancy: Violence Tamed and Aestheticized (1780-1815)


John C. WHALE (University of Leeds)

Pugilism in the Regency: Popularity and Cultural Appropriation

12:00-12:30: Discussion

12:30: Lunch 


14:00: Fourth session: Sports and Romanticism

CHAIR: Meiko O’HALLORAN (Newcastle University)


Andreas KRAMER (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Luminous Streams, Precipitous Rocks: Perspectives on Sport in German Romanticism


Marc PORÉE (École normale supérieure-PSL)

Wordsworth, Keats, Byron: Sport or No Sport?

15:00-15:30: Discussion

Coffee break

16:00: Caroline BERTONÈCHE (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Introducing the Virtual Museum RÊVE. Special collection: On Romantic Sports. Fencing Familiarized

16:30: Alexis TADIÉ (Sorbonne Université)

Introducing the Database AGON: On Quarrels and Controversies

17:00 Kimberley PAGE-JONES (UBO) & Valérie CAPDEVILLE (Sorbonne-Paris-Nord)

Introducing the Digital Encyclopedia DIGITENS: On British Sociability in the Long 18th Century


18:00: Closing drinks

19:00: End of the conference