PAR: Numéro de revue « Shakespeare Bulletin », « Contemporary Shakespeare », 41.1, 2023, ed. L. Cottegnies, G. McMullan, S. Schülting

Vient de paraître:
  • Volume 41, Number 1, Spring 2023
  • Special Issue: Contemporary Shakespeare: Dislocations and Disjunctions
  • Ed. Line Cottegnies, Gordon McMullan and Sabine Schülting
Ce numéro spécial inclut des textes issus du Colloque international organisé dans le cadre du Projet Emergence ClioS en février 2022.

Introduction: Contemporary Shakespeare: Dislocations and Disjunctions

Line Cottegnies, Gordon McMullan, Sabine Schülting

pp. 1-12


Staging Forgetting: How Botho Strauß and Heiner Müller Dislocate A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tobias Döring

pp. 13-34


In the Thick of the Woods: Contemporary Obscurity in the RSC’s 2021 Virtual Dream

Ina Habermann

pp. 35-50


“I name all my plays after places”: David Greig in conversation with Elisabeth Angel-Perez

Elisabeth Angel-Perez

pp. 51-61


Shakespearean Resonances in Contemporary British Drama: Political and Adaptational Borders in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and David Greig’s Dunsinane

Anja Hartl

pp. 63-79


“[A] time / Of pell-mell havoc and confusion”: Shakespeare and the 2016 Paris Protests

Anne-Valérie Dulac

pp. 81-104


Contemporary Shakespeares on Festival Stages: Empathy and Futurity in Poland and Hungary

Rowena Hawkins

pp. 105-123


Afterword: “Your time’s expired”: Spatiotemporal Dramaturgies of the Contemporary

Peter Kirwan

pp. 125-132