INF – Poetry Reading – 06/04/2024, 7:00pm – After 8 books (Paris 11)

All the way from the wide ethereal and not-so-very-faraway shores of Brighton and Hove, After Eight Books brings you a night of poetry and song to usher in the spring, from four of the finest poets in all the land — Verity Spott, Dolly Rae Star, Kat Addis, and Joseph Minden. Darlings of the très à la mode verse and revelry scene of the coves and grottoes of the U.K.’s South East coast, Joe, Kat, Dolly and Verity also make up the travelling band known fondly as ‘The Beam-Eyed Babies’. Come ye for poetry and wonders, all and sundry!

  • Verity Spott is a poet from Brighton, whose books include Hopelessness, Click Away Close Door Say, Poems of Sappho (in translation) and The North Road Songbook and Other Poems (forthcoming from Pilot Press, Spring 2024).
  • Dolly Rae Star plays in poetry, sound, drag and magic. Movement, paradox, and transcendence. Let’s Dance!
    Embracing their inner clown, never-ending process of illumination, their ever-shifting gender, glorious and confounding neurodivergence, and all life in its beautiful-horrorshow simple-complexity, they live with fingers in many pies.
    Publications include: Quest)ion) (Veer Press, 2022), Play Stance (Polyversity Press, 2021) and OH PARACOSMIC BEING! (Thee VVinter Olympiks, 2016). Work published by Ignota, Earthbound, Datableed, Hesterglock and Litmus.
  • Joseph Minden has written Paddock calls: the nightbook (slub press); Poppy (Carcanet) and Backlogues (Broken Sleep Books). He is writing another book, called Answerlands.
  • Kat Addis has written Space Parsley (the87press) and The Song of the Fucking Rose (slub press).