INF – lecture de poésie – 22 mars 2024 à 19h – Danny Hayward, Lisa Jeschke, Vicky Sparrow – Montreuil

Dans le cadre du colloque, « The Politics and Poetics of Community within the Anglophone Left », organisé par Tom Allen, Adeline Chevrier-Bosseau, Laurence Gervais, Nicolas Jara-Joly et Bradley Smith, qui se tiendra à Sorbonne Université et Nanterre Université les 21, 22 et 23 mars 2024, nous avons le plaisir de vous convier à une lecture de poésie qui aura lieu le 22 mars 2024 à partir de 19h au 103b rue Gaston Lauriau à Montreuil avec Danny Hayward, Lisa Jeschke, Vicky Sparrow (voir les notices bio-bibliographiques ci-dessous).

Informations et inscriptions sur le site du colloque:
La lecture sera suivie d’un cocktail.


  • Danny Hayward‘s last book of poetry was Loading Terminal (87 Press, 2022). He operates the out-of-print/never-in-print poetry PDF archive Free Trials (, where most of his writing is available, as well as its affiliated blog Reports. A book of essays about UK poetry, Wound Building, also available for free on the web, came out with Punctum in 2021. Some newer essays and texts, Training Exercises, will be published by the University of Sussex in 2024.
  • Lisa Jeschke is a poet and performer living in Munich. Their publications include The Anthology of Poems by Drunk Women (Materials, 2018) and Anarcho-Boys* vs. Anachro-Cavalry Württemberg (Earthbound, 2021). They co-run the chapbook press Materials/Materialien, and make performance work with Lucy Beynon.
  • Vicky Sparrow is an Assistant Professor in English Literature at the University of Nottingham; she writes poems and lives in London. Her publications include Notes to Selves (Zarf Editions, 2016) and Stand Ins (RunAmok, 2023)