SEM PACT « Surveillance Imaginings » 11/03/2024

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Le nouveau séminaire de PACT « Surveillance Imaginings » accueillera Jean-Michel Ganteau, Professeur de littérature britannique l’Université de Montpellier autour de son ouvrage The Poetics and Ethics of Attention in Contemporary British Narrative paru chez Routledge en 2023.

La séance, organisée par Cécile Beaufils, aura lieu le 11 mars de 17h à 19h à la Maison de la Recherche (Serpente, salle 001).
This book uses attention as a prism through which to interrogate the literary text. It starts from analyses of the changes that the mediasphere and communication technologies have brought for the contemporary subject, submitting him/her to the tyranny of a new attention economy. My point is that the contemporary novel and memoir resist such influences and evince a great deal of resilience by promoting an “ecology of attention” (Citton) based on poetic options whose pragmatic effect is to develop an ethics of the particularist type. To do this, I draw on critical and theoretical literature hailing from various fields: psychology, but also more prominently phenomenology, political philosophy, and analytical philosophy (essentially Ordinary Language Philosophy), alongside the ethics of care and vulnerability. By using a selection of fictional and non-fictional narratives, I address such issues as social invisibilities, climate change, AI and cognitive disability and end up drafting a poetics of attention.
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