PROG: JE 11/03/2022, « Genre Trouble in Early Modern England », SU – Queen Mary Univ.

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Genre Trouble in Early Modern England (1500–1800)

Queen Mary University of London and Sorbonne Université


Friday 11th March 2022, 9:00-17:00 GMT – Online

Keynote: Kathryn Murphy (University of Oxford)


We are pleased to announce that our online conference « Genre Trouble in Early Modern England (1500-1800) », co-hosted by Queen Mary University of London and Sorbonne Université (VALE), will take place on Friday 11th March, 9:00-17:00 (GMT). If you would like to attend, please register here:

Please find attached the poster and the programme below.

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Emma Bartel and Katie Ebner-Landy




9:00-9:10: Introduction


9:10-10:00: Martin Thompson (University of Manchester) ‘Un-editing’ the Autobiographical Fragments of Mary Ward (1585-1645): taking the texts on their own terms

Emma Rayner (Australian National University): Life-writing or Writing Lives? The reception of maternal advice in Elizabeth Isham’s spiritual autobiography

10mn break


10:10-11:00: Laurent Curelly (Université de Haute Alsace): ‘Must Invention labour into infinites?’ British Civil War mercuries or generic innovation

Genevieve Bourjeaurd (Simon Fraser University): Reading Receipts: Generic Language in Early Modern Churchwardens’ Accounts

10 mn break


11:10-12:10 Kathryn Murphy (University of Oxford): Word Salads: Montaigne and the Essay Against Genre

12:10-13:10 lunch break 

Reading Genre

13:10-14:00 Jessica C. Beckman (Dartmouth College): A marvelous hystory entitled Beware the Cat: Fiction, Compilation, and Early Modern Print

Ellen Roberts (Lancaster University): The Horse, the Ass, and the Mule: a linguistic analysis of the context, development, and mixing of early modern English dramatic genres

10 mn break


14:10-15.00: Béatrice Rouchon (Sorbonne Université): ‘A Blue Coat without a Badge’: Generic Constraints in English Printed Paratexts (c.1580-1620)

Emily Smith (Université de Genève): ‘His Comedie unto his Theatre’: Conceptions of Genre in the Early Modern Dramatic Epilogue

10mn break


15.10-16:00: Abigail Shinn (Goldsmiths): Popular Pastoral: Genre Trouble in Spenser’s Shepheardes Calender

Javiera Lorenzini Raty (King’s College London): The Greekness of Hybrid Poems: Hermogenes of Tarsus’ Theory of Mixture and late Elizabethan Epyllion

16:00-16.30: Questions and Discussion  

16.30–17:00: Breakout Room Drinks